How's that saying go? "First comes love, then comes marriage; then comes....registering for a baby carriage?!

If you loved registering for dishes, bedding and glassware, we know you're going to love registering for blankets, itty bitty clothes and diaper bags. If you missed registering with Bella Vita the first time around, don't worry. You can still get that same one-on-one customer service, that same great selection and the same enticing perks of a Bella Vita wedding registry at Itty Bitty Bella for your baby registry.

Our sister-store, Itty Bitty Bella is just two doors down and they have everything you need to bring baby home and keep them growing in style. From infant seats to strollers, layette to 6 years old and room decor that is worthy of a keepsake box you will love coming back for each stage of your child's life to find the most unique products.

During your initial registry appointment we'll spend a minute or two getting to know you, your growing family and your needs- immediate and future. From then on you can begin selecting whatever your growing bump desires, and we'll be armed with information when you need it along the way.

With programs such as pre-order, layaway, hostess discounts and registry completion discounts you have everything you need to prepare for baby right on-budget (whatever that budget may be!).

Allison Rodgers Photography 

And as a special treat, we work with Allison Rodgers Photography to welcome you as an Itty Bitty Bella Mama with a special gift we know you'll love. Go ahead, snoop around her website, she won't mind. She's our favorite Memphis-area photographer and her photographs are simply divine!

So tame that morning sickness, give us a call and join our 30+ Itty Bitty Bella Mama's. We know you'll appreciate the hassle-free, personal attention of an Itty Bitty Bella registry experience.

- The Girls at Itty Bitty Bella

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Sep 28 2011

Shower Her with Gifts

They're available for a midnight breakdown when you just can't take the stress of wedding planning anymore. They choose the perfect theme to celebrate your nearing nuptials, complete with your favorite colors and cake flavor. They wouldn't dream of making the days leading up to your wedding anything less than perfect.

Basically, they make every bride feel like a queen, yet too often they don't receive all of the praise they deserve for their hard work and support. We think it's high time to celebrate the importance of the hostess, and there's no better way to do this than with some great gift ideas. Stay tuned for a few of our favorite things to show appreciation to the special ladies in your life!

5. Off the Wall Tabletop Frame

Off the Wall Tabletop Frame

These frames have uniqueness and style covered, displaying a wide variety of colors that are sure to complement any photo. The handcrafted wood brings a rustic flair, while staying in touch with most any design preference. You're sure to get a smile when you say thank you with one of these!

4. Heartfelt Pottery

Heartfelt Traditions Pottery

Perhaps one of our most popular gift ideas, the Heartfelt Pottery line presents a large collection of pieces ranging in price and shape. From candy dishes to cheese and cracker servers, the uses of this beautiful turquoise pottery are endless. Created just down the road from us in Mississippi, each one-of-a-kind item is sure to set itself apart from any other gift she'll receive.

3. Lollia Poetic License Candles

Lollia Poetic License Candle

Straight from the familiar Lollia line of bath products, we're proud to introduce this wonderfully scented set of candles. If you loved the floral and fresh scents of the lotions and bubble baths, there's no denying that you'll fall for these gorgeously packaged room fresheners. Each one is adorned with poetry, bringing romance and nostalgia to each one.

2. Fortunata Chip and Dip Set

Fortunata Pottery

This gift is the definition of style meets practicality. If she's hosting a shower for you, you can almost bet that she enjoys playing hostess on other occasions. Needless to say, she'll need the perfect serving pieces to display appetizers for her next party, so why not give her a stoneware set that is sure to last? Just pair a great Fortunata dinner plate with a ramekin and voila--an instant chip and dip set! Shop Fortunata on our website.

1. "On Calvary" Necklace

Visible Faith Jewelry Necklace

Every woman loves a piece of jewelry that can be worn day to day with any outfit. This hand hammered, sterling silver necklace from Visible Faith Jewelry brings classic fashion that will perfectly accessorize everything from a comfy pair of jeans to a business suit. Better yet, when she pulls it out of an Erich Emmenegger gift box, hand crafted and painted with bright, happy colors, her day will be instantly brightened.

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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Top 10 Gifts for a Flawless Bride

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A little break every now and then puts us all in a better frame of mind (especially before the holidays!)

Have you picked up on a theme with me yet? You know the one: Work too busy, home life crazy, schedules never synch. Solution: Getaway—stat.

Yep, that’s my theme and I’m sticking to it.

Florida, September 2011 

I’m a big believer in taking respites, getting away to think, plan, ponder and recharge. And while it may look like I’m reading a magazine, taking a dip in the pool or enjoying dinner with Brent, my husband, what’s really churning are great ideas for Bella Vita and Itty Bitty Bella and the to-dos to make it happen.

Stephanie on the Beach
That's Tropical Storm Lee behind me

 So we were off, Brent and I, headed to Panama City for a one-week breather earlier this month and, OK, I confess, to do a little strategic retail planning for the upcoming holiday season. We left on a Sunday—Brent had to have his day of football, after all. And we were quickly greeted with rain and strong winds. Uh, oh.

Florida, September 2011 

Florida, September 2011
Telecommuting. The store DOES stay open while I'm gone!

The days got better, though. By Monday, the next day, we were in Panama at our family’s vacation home, enjoying 80-degree weather and clear skies. For the next week we did some lounging (thinking!), swimming (planning!) and reading (pondering!). In fact, I got the next three months of our Bella Vita/Itty Bitty lives mapped out, including vacation schedules for the girls, holiday orders and quantities confirmed, and new in-store décor ideas thought through.

Same Kind of Different As Me 

I did manage to squeeze in an awesome non-work-related book, which I highly recommend. It’s called Same Kind of Different as Me.

Here’s a press clip to give you an idea of why you must read this awesome book of nonfiction:

An international art dealer and a modern-day slave from Louisiana become friends after the art dealer is roped into volunteering at a homeless shelter by his saintly wife. Sounds like it’s got to be fiction, but that's the true story told in Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore.

Moore spent almost the first 30 years of his life on Louisiana cotton plantations, where he and his family grew and picked cotton and were never paid cash for their work, but given credit. The vicissitudes of his life, including a stint in Louisiana's notorious Angola prison, eventually brought him to a homeless shelter in Fort Worth, where Hall's wife Deborah, a volunteer, prompted by faith, love and persistence to become increasingly involved in the shelter, singles out Moore. She maneuvers the suspicious Moore and her Suburban-driving, Starbucks-drinking husband into a friendship. …

A review really doesn’t do it justice. Read it yourself and then let me know what you think about it.

As always, Brent and I enjoyed taking in the local scenery. Seaside was especially beautiful. The local shops and boutiques are always a treat. In between, we ate wonderful food and especially enjoyed the sunset atop Bud & Alley’s Taco Bar.

Florida, September 2011
Surprises on the beach!

I’m curious, how do you refresh and recharge, especially before the holidays? I’m sure my schedule doesn’t compare to all the busy moms’ schedules out there. How do you do it?

- Stephanie

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