Jun 30 2011

Sarah Robertson

Art...a simple word appreciated by all ages. It's a simple concept, yet one that requires massive amounts of talent to produce recognition. We'd say that Sarah Robertson, a local artist that we've been lucky enough to feature at Bella Vita, has gotten this whole painting thing down.

Sarah, whose affinity for art comes naturally, was raised by a mother who loved to paint. Naturally, Sarah picked up this ability and ran with it, bringing us numerous original pieces inspired by her traditional southern upbringing. Robertson is a Germantown native, and in between staying busy with her 3 boys, she somehow manages to recreate scenes that are guaranteed to make us reminisce on the simplicity of life.

Sarah's favorite subjects are churches and farm fields, and she incorporates these classic scenes with just the right splashes of bold color. We love the tradition and story-like scenes that take us back to the days of simple life and the importance of family. One of her pieces will feel right at home on your mantle, or featured in your dining room. The only problem is with so many wonderful settings to choose from, how will you ever decide which one will be yours?

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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You've bronzed your skin, worked out a time or two, and purchased the perfect swimwear to celebrate summer's big holiday, Independence Day. But there's one detail that just seems to hang out in the back of your stress-free mind (it is summer vacation after all). It's that boring front door of yours, and it's in desperate need of a festive touch to ring in America's favorite date.

Back by popular demand, we're proud to introduce the 4th of July burlee. These have made quite the impression for Valentine's Day and Easter, so why not add a cute patriotic accessory to your collection? It's the perfect way to add color and pride to a bland wooden door. Better hurry though, because if these are anything like their predecessors, they won't be around for long. Our forefathers would be proud of you for incorporating a little American spirit into your home decor mantra--we're sure of it!

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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Jun 25 2011

Gotta Love Vacations

Oh sweet islands of Hawaii, I love you.

Brent and I just got back from a 10-day vacation on the islands of Maui, Oahu and Kauai. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the big islands brought me big happiness, big time.

It was a much-needed respite.

As you know, the girls and I have had a busy year with the Bella Vita renovation and Itty Bitty Bella opening. All exciting changes, to say the least. All add up, however, to needing a little R&R. (And besides, it was my first big vacation in 10 years. Where does the time go?)

After knowing both stores would be in great hands, Brent and I headed west.

We spent our first night in Seattle (yeah, hometown!) visiting with family and close friends, and then it was on to the great island of Maui, where we luxed it up for a couple of days at the Four Seasons. Scrumptious food, glistening ocean waters, deluxe accommodations—I could go on … and on … and on. Maui and the Four Seasons welcomed us in wonderful style.

Then we headed to the northern island of Kauai, a little more rural and rustic, but lushly tropical and definitely a feast for every one of the senses. There, we stayed at the Koa Kea, a beautiful hotel on the world-famous Poipu Beach. I felt like I was touching heaven.

We spent our last days on Oahu, enjoying fireworks on Waikiki Beach and paying our respects at Pearl Harbor. (Brent is a World War II history buff.)

Honestly, I’m not boasting. I’m reliving. Most important, I’m reminding.

It’s a gentle reminder to all of us (me included) who think we need to do it all, every day because if we don’t, everything around us will fall apart—businesses, homes, jobs, cars, and on and on. The plates will continue to spin, trust me.

It doesn’t have to be Hawaii. It doesn’t even have to be Destin. It can be just a few minutes wherever, whenever. But every day, find some quiet time to recharge and unwind—to rest.

If I can do it, so can you.  (Ok, I'm working on the everyday, but I'm aware, and trying.)

I’m sure I’ll visit Hawaii again soon for a little break, if only through my memories and in between paperwork.

Jurassic Falls, as seen in Jurassic Park

Look closely for Captain Jack Sparrow, that's the beach and "Fountain of Youth" from the latest movie.

Where Harrison Ford and Anne Heche were shot at by modern-day pirates in 6 Days 7 Nights.

Until then, aloha, friends.

- Stephanie

Stop in soon to see the “souvenir” I brought back for you! A new line of Kai body lotions and oils I found while we were traveling. Its exotic fragrances and natural essences create a unique, lovely tropical smell. They should be on our Bella Vita shelves in the next few weeks. Come smell for yourself. It’ll be a vacation for your senses!

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