Dec 29 2011

A No-Fuss New Year

Right now, we're almost certain that a New Year's celebration has not even crossed your mind. Considering Christmas is typically the focus, and we tend to throw things together at the last minute due to holiday celebration burn-out, the last thing you want to fuss with the last week of December is a fancy party setup. Never fear, because the girls at Bella Vita are here to give you a few great ideas for a stress-free, yet fabulous, New Year's Eve celebration.

  Image courtesy of Blowout Party

Easy ways to create a memorable New Year's Celebration

1. Thoughtfully Simple: How about a black and white affair for your New Year's theme? It's a classy and stylish way to decorate for that special night.

2. Blowout Party! The Blog: When you think gold, you think fortune. Who doesn't want a new year full of that? Create a show-stopping theme with metallic.

3. Attention 2 Detail: It's never been more simple to locate and print a few party accessories. From tags for your cocktail glasses and bottle labels to the actual party invite, this blog has you covered.

4. Quick Dish: This full-on New Year's Eve party guide is a fool-proof way to throw a party in the most simple way. This site covers all things party related, including food and decor.

5. Pizzazzerie: Let the kids in on the fun with a comic-themed celebration. We're sure even the adults will enjoy a chance to get in touch with their inner child!

 -The Girls at Bella Vita

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Dec 23 2011

A Touch of Glass

When preparing the perfect holiday tablescape for this year's Christmas dinner, we'd like to remind you to prioritize. We know, you're probably thinking that your only priority at this point will be making sure there is enough ham and green bean casserole to please all of those famished faces, but we'd like to point out the importance of both function and style at the dining room table. That brings us to one of the most important parts of each place setting: the glassware.

Glassware Display
Artland hand-blown glassware

Naturally, we would only share with you a product that is both unique and full of class. Artland's eye catching stemware achieves just that, boasting a timeless look that only hand blown glass can display. With a variety of shapes, sizes and colors available, you won't have any trouble finding the perfect pieces to complement your current dinnerware. Plus, guests will ooh and ahh with each sip they take. From highballs to iced tea glasses and wine goblets, there has never been a more gorgeous way to serve your beverages, both during the holidays and all year long! Shop the entire collection online.

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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Dec 21 2011

That's a Wrap!

Congratulations! We've made it to the final countdown before Christmas Day. With less than one week left to finalize all of the details, it's probably time to start wrapping those gifts. Sure, you can reach for the classic red and green paper, but wouldn't it be nice to add some variety to your typical gift wrap routine? You're in luck, friend, because we've compiled some unique ideas just for you, and you better believe you'll be kissing that store-bought paper goodbye!

Christmas Newspaper Wrap Image courtesy of The Crafting Chicks

Our favorite funky gift wrap

1. The Crafting Chicks: Dress up the daily newspaper with a touch of candy cane colored yarn. Add a glittery letter gift tag and you've created the perfect vintage look.

2. The Country Chic Cottage: Take simple Kraft paper and accessorize it with a lace doily, some ribbon and a jewel. Instant glamour is all yours!

3. Love. Obsess. Inspire. : Who knew bulletin board materials could create a fun, bright and non-traditional wrapping style?

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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