Decorating for the fall season can be so simple. Grab a pumpkin, display it somewhere, and you're good to go. Right? Sure, you could take the easy way out...but with just a tiny bit of effort you can kiss that plain old pumpkin goodbye, and say hello to a stylish autumnal accent. We've even dug up a few of our favorite pumpkin carving and display tips for your viewing (and crafting) pleasure.

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Surf for Inspiration

If pumpkin carving is a yearly tradition in your household, we've discovered a few tips to update the age-old jack-o-lantern. From stenciled leaf patterns to the initials of your last name, these unique ideas take carving to the next level. Not into pulling out your knife to create the perfect decoration? Well you're in luck, because this great site even contains a few fool-proof painting ideas.

Try a Drill

Image courtesy of Crafty Nest

Add some flair to your jack-o-lantern by trading your carving knife in for a drill. Surprisingly, this power tool has the ability to create one fabulously patterned jack-o-lantern. Leave the top off and add a small floral arrangement for a feminine touch. Who says a carved pumpkin can't be pretty?

Go Glamorous

Image courtesy of All Things Glamorous!

At this time of year, it's easy to spot an orange pumpkin every time you turn around. How often do you see that pumpkin sparkle though? With just a few easy steps, you can add some glitter to your plain pumpkins and bring a touch of elegance to your home's fall ensemble. Go for a variety of colors, as seen above, and you've instantly created a modern take on a seasonal staple.


Image courtesy of  Traci Connell's Classic with a Twist blog

With the holidays quickly approaching, you're more than likely preparing for a house full of guests to entertain. An eye-catching tablescape will be your best friend and the ultimate necessity in the weeks to come. Pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and colors can carry over from Halloween into the days of Thanksgiving, adorning your table and adding an artistic element when combined with hurricane vases and pillar candles. Keeping the color scheme soft will ensure elegance and comfort as your loved ones gather around the table.

Well, you're all set. Whether you grab a drill, a paintbrush or a knife, get ready for some fashionable fall accents!

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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Yes, we know that donning an apron and soaking your hands in dishwater wouldn't normally be your idea of luxury. We're here to change your view, however, and make you look forward to those dirty dishes and everything that comes with maintaining a spotless kitchen. Before you begin to think we're off our front porch rockers, give us a moment to explain, and introduce to you the most fabulous line of cleaning and body products: Cucina.

Cucina Display 

Hand Creme 

Named for the Italian word meaning "kitchen", Cucina presents a full line of hand soaps, lotions, and cleaners aimed not only to keep your dining world squeaky clean, but also to bring a touch of pampering to your hardworking hands. Created from natural ingredients, the line contains everything from moisturizers made to soften those pruny fingers to waterless soap for those times that you need a quick fix for soiled silverware and dishes. Our signature Cucina scent is so fitting for Bella Vita- Coriander and Olive Tree. Full stylish sets are even available, making the perfect gift idea for a friend or yourself. 

Cucina Gift Set 

Isn't it nice to know that those days of dreading dish-scrubbing are over? Now your housecleaning can work double duty with the pump of a fantastic lotion or soap!

 -The Girls at Bella Vita

Shop the full Cucina line

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We're almost certain that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to determine that a purse is absolutely necessary in a woman's life. We also think it's a safe bet that a high quality, high style one is even more cherished. In the busy lives of most members of the female world, there's nothing better than an accessory that makes you feel and look like royalty. With luxe leather, rich colors, and snazzy accents, TANO handbags do just that. Even better, they'll add just the right amount of trendiness to any outfit.

TANO Handbag 

This unique line of purses comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you're sure to find the perfect fit. Not only that, but the variety of colors simply can't be matched. Whether your look is bright and funky, or a little more on the classic side, TANO bags come in brights and neutrals, which only accent the high quality leather on each one. This handbag is guaranteed to brighten your day when paired with jeans and a v-neck tee, or make you the star of the show as it compliments your favorite party dress. What could be better than an accessory that is both versatile and fashionable?

Perhaps one of the most unique facts about this collection of handbags is the fact that they are sold only in specialty retail stores. Individuality is key to the designers, and they feel that the shopping experience should be one-of-a-kind and experienced in person in order to truly select the perfect purse. Additionally, each bag comes with a year long warranty, so in the unlikely event that it becomes defective, your bag will receive a complimentary repair.

Seriously, with so many options for purses, choosing the right one can be a bit overwhelming. But what could be better than a bag that makes you feel like you just stepped off of your throne? You deserve it, after all!

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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