Jan 28 2011

They're Back!

Everyone's favorite cookbook is back! The writers took it away for a while to try a different sales direction and lucky for us they have returned to their old ways. We're so excited to announce that Bella Vita will have The Gathering of Friends version 1 and 2 stocked in the store in just a matter of days!

The Gathering of Friends, Vol. 2. Sample a few recipes from volume two.

If you thought you had missed your chance to get your hands on these oh-so-popular cookbooks, you can breathe easy now that they are back in store and available for purchase online.

And as if bringing back volume 1 and 2 wasn't enough, we're also here to announce that version 3 (yes, 3!) will be released in early March. You can bet we'll keep you posted on it's arrival!

Have a great weekend! Get out and enjoy the warmer weather that's headed towards the Mid-South.

- The Girls at Bella Vita

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Jan 27 2011

eBay Inspiration

eBay is not just for finding great deals on electronics and designer fashions, it's also a hidden gem of vintage and antique items waiting to find new lives. We are frequently checking out what's online that can be put to use in our displays and eBay is one of the places we check frequently.

One thing we like to find online are antique alphabet stamps. The stamps are easy to come by online, and lined up on a shelf or adhered to a picture frame they are a simple way to add character and history to your home.

There is no right or wrong way to use the stamps, so get yourself a set or two and see what you can come up with. We would love to see what creative uses you find, so feel free to comment!

- The Girls at Bella Vita

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Jan 21 2011

Bedroom Showstoppers

We love headboards. Like most furniture, they can serve as a decorative element as much as a functional one. But headboards have even more leeway to stand out, break rules and command control then say, a dresser. The upside to incorporating a statement-making headboard? They can be less expensive than other large furniture pieces (sometimes, not always!) and they can be changed out easily to update the space without having to do an entire room re-do.

With many headboards pre-made and available for purchase and even more options if you choose to get one built, the choices are endless and you are really only limited in your own creativity. Winter is the perfect time to tackle all of your home reno projects, so why not start with your bedroom, your sanctuary.

Here are some fun, funky and beautiful headboards we love. Use them to spark your imaginations and then start dreaming up the possibilities!

(Image courtesy of HGTV)

Salvaging a pair of old, rustic doors is not only a plus for the environment, but they also come equipped with more character than one could dream of manufacturing. If you ever tire of them being in the bedroom, they can easily be re-purposed in other areas of your home as art pieces, tabletops or message boards.

(Image courtesy of Elle Decor)
Your headboard does not have to be restricted to the size of your bed. Extending it across the entire length of the wall not only gives you more room to get creative with your design, but it also adds a strong horizontal line to your bedroom. Horizontal lines are said to encourage relaxation and serenity all while anchoring the space. What else could you ask for in a bedroom!

(Image courtesy of Lonny Magazine)
An upholstered headboard is always a popular option. Customizing an upholstered headboard is a breeze with the thousands of fabrics you can choose from, and they are comfy to lean up against as you get lost in a good book, show or conversation. 

(Image courtesy of Elle Decor)
You don't have to stick with a typical rectangular shape if you want an upholstered headboard. There a lot of headboards, both pre-made and custom, that can take on whatever shape you would like. Use your headboard as an art piece- odds are it's the largest object in the room anyway!

(Image courtesy of HGTV)
Another great example of re-purposing and getting creative. Shutters staggered together are perfect for casual, relaxed, rustic spaces. We love the extra accessorizing on top of the shutters. The natural depth of the shutters makes a great little shelf to add an unexpected accessory.

(Image courtesy of Lonny Magazine)
We could not let this pop of color go unnoticed! We love the contrast between the bright, contemporary orange and the rustic nail heads. The horizontal lines of the wall finish give that relaxing feeling we love in a bedroom while the bright and tall vertical headboards give that unexpected punch of funk! This is definitely worth a try in a children's bedroom or guest room- two rooms that tend get lost in the rest of the house.

- The Girls at Bella Vita

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