Sep 30 2010

Join the Fight

Are you ready to join Bella Vita in the fight against breast cancer? We sure hope so because as part of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Bella Vita will be tying all gift-wrapped purchases with pink bows and donating $1 to the Flying Colors Cancer Network for each gift. We consistently see you, our loyal customers, shopping with us for your friends and family and it is your generosity that has inspired us to give back to a cause that we know has touched so many of your lives.

The Flying Colors Cancer Network is founded by local author and breast cancer survivor Pat Godfrey McRee. She and her team work tirelessly to raise money for women battling breast cancer. Funds raised help women purchase wigs, pay medical expenses and find hope and strength through a network of women all fighting the same battle. You may be familiar with Pat's books, "The Unbook for the Journey through Breast Cancer" and "The Unbook for Men and Women with Cancer". Each unbook is a series of cards with inspirational messages filled with hope, love and strength. Local Mid-South survivors have participated in the Unbook books by writing small bites of essential information to be included in each unbook box. Survivor stories and tips, humor, inspiring quotes, referrals and more fill the pages of the Unbook.

Follow along with us this  month as we aim to give $500 plus book proceeds to The Flying Colors Cancer Network. Pat Godfrey McRee will join us throughout the month for book signings so that you too can get more involved with her organization. Dates and times will be posted, so be sure to keep an ear open!

All you need to do is continue to shop for beautiful, one-of-a-kind gifts (we know you're all experienced in that!). Each gift you purchase and have wrapped is automatically $1.00 towards saving someones mother, friend, daughter or sister. Together we can pass on the gift of hope, faith and courage.

As always, thanks so much for your support.

- The Girls at Bella Vita

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Sep 29 2010

Deck the Halls...

Does it feel like this year has just flown by? At Bella Vita we can hardly believe it's almost October, and since it is almost October that meas that we have been in "Holiday Mode" for a good month now. It feels like we just packed up the Holiday's from last year! But unfortunately the calendar does not lie, and we never get used to it. Every year we begin receiving and processing Holiday shipments in late August/early September, and every year we have to stop and ask ourselves "is it really time?"!

We're really not really! We love the Holiday season and everything it entails- sleepless nights, the hustle and bustle of the store, our Holiday show tour and a plethora of excited and thoughtful customers. It's just hard to get your mind thinking Holidays when it's 90+ degrees outside and you're unpacking tree ornaments!

We thought we could get you all excited with us by showing you a sneak peak of what's in store. All of these goodies and more will be brought over from our warehouse in just a few weeks for your shopping pleasure. It's time to deck the halls and trim the tree!

The stars are among our favorites! The coordinating patterns are adorable when on the tree, and the best part is they light up!

They're back! We know y'all couldn't get enough of  these jazzy flowers last year so we stocked up again this year. They're a little bit whimsical, a little bit elegant and perfectly you!

Perch this festive bow in among your other tree ornaments to add some sparkle and shine.

Stacks of ornaments and Holiday gifts and decor waiting for their big store debut. We can't tell you when it will be...but we promise it will be great!

Stacks and stacks of Holiday items still waiting to be unpacked. And that's not even all of it!

Are you starting to get into the Holiday mood yet? We can't be the only ones preparing early!

- The Girls at Bella Vita

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Sep 28 2010

My Great Escape

Every year starting on Labor Day Monday, my husband (Brent) and I make our great escape. We pack up and head for the beach, Panama City Beach to be exact. It's our calm before the storm, our one week of relaxing, sanity-building pleasure that prepares us for the crazy Holiday season ahead. This year was just as good as the years before- perfect weather, sandy beaches and delicious coastal food.

Just because I'm on vacation does not mean the store is closed back home!

Lucky for us, Brent's parents recently purchased a beach house last fall. They were so sweet to let us borrow it for our trip this year, and I must say it is the cutest house! It's full of charm and just perfect for a fun beach getaway. It was so nice to come back to a comfy, cozy home at the end of the night instead of a hotel or condo. Having a place of our own (well, in the family!) made the vacation that much more relaxing and care-free.

We spent our much anticipated vacation walking the beach and quaint streets and enjoying our quiet time together. We love the beach in September. The weather is beautiful and the beaches and towns are quiet thanks to the start of the new school year. We love a quiet getaway, probably because the rest of our life is so hectic!

We took some time to visit Rosemary Beach and Seaside as well. I convinced Brent that the shopping there was not to be missed! I was right, it was amazing and I can't wait to get back and shop next year.

I know I've mentioned the food, but really, I just couldn't get enough. There were so many places to choose from and each meal was just as good as the one before it. We spent our last couple of nights in Destin and thanks to you all we ate at Louisiana Lagniappe. There were so many comments on our Facebook page filling me and Brent in on the best eateries in Destin that we couldn't possibly try them all (or even a fraction!) in just one day. You can bet we've made our list for next year though!!

I know so many of our readers and customers vacation to this same area every year, so if you have any tips and insights for my "great escape" next year leave me a comment and I'll add it to my list!

Happy Fall Y'all! Let the Holiday's begin!

- Stephanie

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