How do you feel about reclaimed wood? Do you love it from an environmental viewpoint, but then go to the trouble of sanding it, painting it and finishing it to look smooth and sleek? Or do you love it for its character, its journey and its warmth?

Bella Vita is all about reclaimed wood (and most anything else "reclaimed" for that matter!). The rough edges, varying textures and chipped paint are all fine by us. Each piece, whether it be a plank, a table or a chair has a past to share and space for a future. We love how the perfect wood piece can warm up a room and add instant character and charm. Sometimes, all your design may be lacking is wood!

Next time you are out and about, keep your eyes open for reclaimed pieces you can make your own. When you're in our neighborhood, stop by and see how we've used different reclaimed pieces to add to the character of Bella Vita. You will be surprised at the may ways you can used "old wood", and just how many design schemes it fits into.

(Image courtesy of Nuevo Estilo)

(Image courtesy of Neuvo Estilo)

(Image courtesy of Neuvo Estilo)

(Image courtesy of Cococozy)

reclaimed wood headboard

This reclaimed beauty is available exclusively at Bella Vita. Learn more about this headboard.

Oohhh, talk about re-purposing! Do these images inspire you like they do us?

- The Girls at Bella Vita

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Don't let the inside of your home get all the attention this fall! Adorning your yard and home's exterior for each season is more popular than ever thanks to unique and eye-catching outdoor decor. Everyone can find yard and garden stakes (in fact, there are the cutest ones on our website!), but great decor for the front door...that's not quite as easy!

Luckily Bella Vita has been searching around and has finally found a great selection of door decor. Witches hats, pumpkins, ghosts and bats- this  year you will be the cutest house on the block- from the outside anyway!

Stay tuned, more designs are set to arrive at the store any day now. If you would like to have any of these great designs shipped to your home, please contact us and we'll be happy to get it on its way!

- The Girls at Bella Vita

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Kelly and Lee Nanney are two very talented people. As far as we're concerned, they create the best custom draperies and bedding this side of the Mississippi! Their attention to detail, their quality and their service is second to none. We think y'all need to get on over to their design studio in Germantown and see what they can do for you. We wanted all of our Bella Vita friends to learn more about this dynamic team, so we asked them some "get to know you" questions.

If you would like to view more of their work or get your own custom pieces created you can view their website. We promise you won't be disappointed...we sure weren't!

Full length, lined draperies are the perfect way to add drama to your space. (Plus, the heavy weight will keep the heat out when closed!)

What was the inspiration for starting your own business?
Kelly Nanney: Being able to work together with my husband, Lee. Working with fabrics and creating beauty in the home is something that I really do enjoy. Providing our family income and being able to accomplish that from our home has kept us extra close to our kids as they have grown up.

BV: What is the most rewarding part of running your business?
KN: One of the most rewarding aspects of this business is that my husband, Lee and I can do this together. He is the technical side while I am the more creative side. I know how I want something to look at he goes above and beyond to help me achieve it. He is an expert installer and I am always comfortable knowing his abilities. He can make just about anything work and is very resourceful. The two of us can put it all together- from million dollar homes to a simple shower drape. While there are always workroom shortcuts, we never sacrifice quality. Being home with our kids and available throughout their illness has been something that we are very thankful for.

Floor to ceiling shower drapes make a huge impact in this guest bath.

BV: Do you limit yourself to specializing in one particular style? Do you allow yourself to grow with the trends?
KN: Sometimes it is important to incorporate the latest trends in order to satisfy clients, but drapes can be expensive so it is also important not to be overly trendy. You don't want the customer to grow tired of their fabric and trim quickly. Hardware, texture and quality tend to be more timeless than trendy prints or styles, and proportion and good linings are more important than trends when it comes to drapes.

BV: What influences your color and pattern selection?
KN: The personality of the clients existing furniture and style play a big role in the color and pattern selections. Since drapes are usually the "icing on the cake", I have no choice but to work with what already exists. I recommend using something that the client will be happy to look at for the next ten years. Neutral tones with linen and silk texture tend to have the best outcome.

A crisp, clean Roman Shade is perfect in the kitchen. It provides detail and shade without getting in the way.

BV: What influences the design and style?
Again, design is usually based on what exists in the home. The ceiling height and size of the room is a big influence on how the windows will be treated. The customers likes and dislikes while shopping through our photo gallery helps determine the direction that we will go. I tend to go towards full, well lined drapery panels on exquisite hardware. If that does not appeal to the customer, we start talking shades and top treatments. A well proportioned London Shade is one of the most beautiful  and popular window coverings that we do. I also love the look of woven bamboo shades that filter the sunlight shining through.

The London Shade is the perfect compliment to the custom bedding. With the London Shade, it's easy to let just the right amount of light in.

BV: Do clients come to you with specific instructions on what they want, or do they just provide you with the basics, and allow you to customize for them?
KN: Some clients are very specific, but most are not. Most of our clients tend to put their trust in our judgment after speaking with Lee and I and browsing through our photo gallery. The home we are working on is not just another job, but a reflection of the quality and service that my husband and I provide. We are satisfied when the customer is surprised and very happy with our work. Getting to know the personality of the client is the best way to know what you can "get away with", so to speak. Some are on a tight budget and wold not be happy if I surprised them with a beautiful pillow out of their price range. Others on the other hand, would be ecstatic because I saved them from having to spend time and energy looking for a companion fabric and trim.

BV: What are you do's and don'ts when it comes to custom bedding?
KN: Keep it soft and fluffy. Know whether the style of the bed would look better with or without a skirt. Although silk is very pretty, it is not a fabric that you want to lounge around on (unless it's raw silk). The bed is the centerpiece of the room and you want something special on it. Monogramming makes a nice statement as well as a special pillow.

Your bedroom is your retreat. Make it exactly what you want with custom bedding.

BV: What can you recommend for those who may be on a tight budget, but still want the luxurious look and feel of custom work?
KN: The three biggest things to consider are time, hardware and fabrication. Most of our customers do one room at a time. This saves money and can eliminate mistakes. I have at times recommended that a client purchase things over a more spread out period of time.

Hardware is important. Pretty hardware can be installed above the windows in anticipation of the drapes. This is okay for several months until the fabric can be purchased.

Fabrication- Customers can pay half down, and then the remaining half upon installation. This can spread the cost out and allow the customer time to save up for it.

Focus on the details! It's the little things, when chosen with care, that will make the biggest difference!

BV: Is there a blog, website or publication that inspires you?
KN: I have hundreds of interior books with beautiful fabrics and designs. I get inspired by photographs of beautifully decorated rooms. I "never forget a drape", and window coverings are the first thing I notice, even in the movies! I am also very inspired when I attend a conference or seminar. Our children have been very ill with Lyme Disease for several years, so I have not been able to attend many conferences. Now that they are much better, one of the first things I want to do is attend a conference or seminar and see what I've been missing! Even in the drapery business, education is mandatory!

Think Quick!

My favorite flavor is: Chocolate!
I cannot live without: Faith, hope and love
My first sewing experience was: rewarding
If I could be doing anything: I would be in Seaside, FL.
A cause I'm devoted to: Lyme Disease Awareness

If you would like to learn more about Lee and Kelly's children and their battle with Lyme disease, you can go online and read their journal courtesy of the Caring Bridge.

- The Girls at Bella Vita

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