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Pop on in and save 15% on jewelry (including Waxing Poetic and Vintage Gypsy), 25% on decorative pillows and 35% on all lamps (even those adorable applique ones!). This list is just the start of it all, so stop in and say hi while you take advantage of all the beautiful savings.

Taking home the beautiful life has never been easier, so don't let this opportunity slip away! Bella Vita's Red, White and Blue Sale will end with a BANG on Saturday, July 3.

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I’m about to share with you one of Mississippi’s best-kept secrets: Are you ready? It’s The Alluvian, a cosmopolitan boutique hotel tucked away in beautiful Greenwood, Mississippi.

Every year for our anniversary, my husband and I escape to The Alluvian for a weekend of total relaxation and rejuvenation. It’s far enough away that we feel we can “escape from it all” and turn off our phones, our computers, our iPods and a myriad of other electronic devices, but not so far that we need to put forth a lot of planning and coordination just to get away. It’s the perfect getaway that actually leaves you refreshed instead of wishing for a recovery vacation.

We keep it simple and low-key (we’re here to relax, after all) by taking advantage of all the amenities The Alluvian has to offer. With their on-site spa, restaurant and Viking Cooking School (which I have yet to experience) we are literally steps away from rest and repose, delicious eats and even some education. The hotel and services are all elegantly orchestrated with exceptional service and good-old Southern hospitality. Even when my husband forgets some of his clothes in the closet, the room-service team is right on it to ensure their safe return to our home, complete with overnight delivery.

My favorite thing about The Alluvian, besides the quality time I get to spend with my husband, is the spa. Their extensive spa menu makes it difficult to choose the services that fit into your schedule (and budget!), but you can’t go wrong with a facial, the Alluvian Allure, to be exact. The products, the treatments and the massage combine to fill 90 wonderful minutes. Most likely the best 90 minutes of my year.

To top off our weekend of pure bliss, we enjoy mouthwatering meals at the on-site restaurant, Giardina’s. This historical restaurant, founded in 1936, features a wide variety of dishes prepared with local ingredients. On our most recent trip, we sat down to fried green tomatoes, filet mignon, and Jo Jo’s lasagna (delicious vegetable lasagna), and that was just the first night! Every time we visit, there is something new to try, and old favorites to relive.

Next time you are feeling the pressures of the city, the kids or the daily grind, do yourself a favor and head on down to The Alluvian. Even if it’s just for a night or two, you will come back revived and ready to take on the world. As Brent says, it’s the one weekend out of the year he has me all to himself… away from Bella Vita. Though I always tell him, I’m never really away from the store, it’s in my heart and mind no matter where I am.

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Lollia is one of Bella Vita's newest additions, and it's here to stay. The luxurious scents, intricate packaging and wide range of products are just what us women need after a long day of working, chasing children or playing hard in the summer sun. Lollia offers everything from lotions to bath salts, bubble bath to perfumes, each with their own personality. The Bella Vita girls each have their favorite scent, and we can't help but pass by the tester lotions a few times a day!

Lollia packaging is every bit as luxurious as the product inside it. The bottles, the boxes and the bags are unique to each scent; capturing its depth and intrigue with each package. Stop by our website to view their packaging.

Lollia hand cream is the perfect combination of scent and moisture. The rich Shea Butter leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth without leaving behind a greasy film, and the dramatic scents are refreshing and invigorating to your senses.

lollia bath
Is there anything better than a nice, hot bath when you collapse after a long day? We think not! The only way to improve your "me time" is to add some Lollia bath salts. The floral infused salts scent your bathroom better than any candle, and the dissolved salts leave your skin silky smooth, just the way it should be.

To sample Lollia and test out each scent, stop by and see us at Bella Vita. If you don't have the luxury of stopping by the store, we love to see you online. You can view and purchase our Lollia products on our website and pick them up in the store, or have them shipped directly to your door.

Once you have tried Lollia, there will be no going back. All the Bella Vita girls are hooked! We know there are some of you who have tried Lolla, so feel free to leave a comment and let us know your favorite scent. We love to see what you like!

- The Girls at Bella Vita

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Hi, my name is Stephanie. Like you, I love all things beautiful. The word. The life. The way it makes your soul feel warm and cozy. So curl up with the Girls at Bella Vita as we share our lives with you- our families and friends, our inspirations and ideas, our homes and nests- quite simply, our take on creating a beautiful life.
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