Mixed emotions are in abundance at Bella Vita now that the much anticipated holiday season is drawing to a close. While we're ready for a day or so of peace, quiet and relaxation, we also know the Christmas spirit that you all bring to the store will lessen as the weeks progress into the new year.  Everything is always a little busier this time of year, and we're blessed to have such wonderful customer full of good ole' fashion holiday cheer! You all have been so patient (and well, cheerful!), as we bustle around the store gathering gifts and wrapping them up for under your tree.

Please let us take a moment and say thank you. Thank you for your patience during our busy and blessed holiday season. Thank you for your warm spirits and uplifting well-wishes as you shopped. Thank you for your continued loyalty and support. We feel extremely blessed to have such wonderful customers who enjoy Bella Vita just as much as we do.

This next year is going to be big! There is lots planned for Bella Vita in the coming months, and we invite you to jump on board and enjoy the ride with us.

Here's to 2011!

- The Girls at Bella Vita

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Finding fun and age appropriate New Year's activities can be tricky, especially for families with young kids. For those of you who may be searching for a creative way to ring in the new year, here are a few family friendly ideas. Don't worry, they can easily be modified for an older group as well!

(New Years Eve- Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)
Midnight can be late at night especially when were taking little ones. To save yourself from midnight meltdowns choose a favorite location in a different time zone. Try Rio De Janeiro, London, or Miami. Theme your night around your chosen spot- decor, food, games and music. When the clock strikes 12 in your designated location, celebrate the moment in your own home. To help distract your older kids of the actual time, turn off electronic clocks in your home (the microwave, oven etc.). Tip: consider researching new year traditions of other countries, and adopt them as your own each year. See below to find out what the Spanish do!

(Image courtesy of Ginger Interiors)
Instead of heading out late at night to see your city's fireworks, recreate the noise and surprise of fireworks in your home. When you invite guests over on New Years Eve ask each to bring a clock with an alarm. Set up the clocks on your table and when the magic hour strikes, all of the clocks will alarm at once (for younger kids, set the alarm to go off earlier in the night). All guests will be surprised and excited when the clocks ding, chime and beep. You will have the noise and magic of fireworks without the chilly temps and late hours.

Bubble Jump
If you prefer a quieter celebration you will appreciate this clever trick.  Gather sheets of bubble wrap and color the backside (flat) of the bubbles with permanent marker. Lay white paper down on the floor and lay the bubble wrap on top. Tape the two layers to the floor securely. When midnight strikes, the kids will have fun jumping on the bubble wrap to pop the bubbles, and you will enjoy the slightly quieter sound (as compared to noise makers!).

Twelve Grapes at Midnight
Adopt a new tradition this year. In Spain it is tradition to eat 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight. The sweetness of the grapes represents the sweetness of the months ahead. Freeze the grapes and drop them into champagne or sparkling cider, or just eat them fresh out of a fluted glass. It's one party food that won't leave you feeling guilty in the morning!

If you would rather attend an pre-planned event, here are a couple family oriented options in Memphis:
  • Zoo Snooze at the Memphis Zoo- Friday, December 31 from 6:30pm - 10am. Children 6-12 years old. View details
  • New Year's at Noon at the Children's Museum of Memphis- Thursday, December 30 from 10am - 1pm. View details
No matter how you choose to celebrate the night, remember to be safe, have fun and enjoy the moment.

- The Girls at Bella Vita

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Christmas is finally here! We have to say, these last couple months have flown by at an alarming pace. We have enjoyed busy days filled with excited and generous customers and we have loved sharing in your special moments- the day family arrived from out of town, the second you found the perfect gift for your sister, your cherished holiday plans and traditions, and just a general feeling of love for the season.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your Christmas this year. We are honored that you chose us, and we're excited to see y'all again for birthdays, anniversaries and everyday celebrations.

From the Bella Vita family to yours- Merry Christmas. We sincerely hope you enjoy this time with your family and loved ones, and take a few days to soak in the beautiful moments.

- The Girls at Bella Vita

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