Here's a look at our favorite way to hang Matchstix Magnet Boards. Four are better than one, and they fit well in a laundry room or around a back door in your house. These boards are heavy, durable and the magnets are very strong.
Oh, and don't let Brinkley fool you, she is the most spoiled dog you'll ever meet!

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Nov 25 2009

Black Friday

Hopefully you'll forego risking your life at the big-box stores and visit us on Friday for quality items at a good price!
  • our store hours are same as usual, 10AM - 6PM
  • 15% off  non-Christmas items
  • 20% off Christmas items
  • in-store sale only (Online orders are not discounted for this sale, sorry!)
  • as always, some items are excluded

We are having our annual Holiday Trunk Show from 5 - 8PM featuring these two artists. There will be lots of art, jewelry, wine, food and conversation!

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Thanks to The Tennesseean newspaper in Nashville for featuring our Christmas Bumbletee on their style blog! We sold out on the first day and are taking quite a few orders online. Next time, we'll take the power of the media more seriously and bring plenty of stock. We learned our lesson!  The event is very well organized, the people are great and always ask if they can help us, it's at GREAT location. However, shoppers are few and far between and maybe this show will come to life on Saturday. Let's hope so!

Like the shirt? Check it out

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